Venezuela: ‘Burning of Judas’ ceremony sees Trump, Maduro and Guiado effigies go up in flames

Venezuela: 'Burning of Judas' ceremony sees Trump, Maduro and Guiado effigies go up in flames

Effigies of US President Donald Trump, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Venezuelan opposition Leader Juan Guaido went up in flames in two burning of Judas ceremonies held by pro and anti-Maduro protesters in two separate parts of Caracas on Easter Sunday. In Caracas’ East, health workers set alight an effigy of the embattled Venezuelan president, chanting slogans blaming him for the medical crisis facing the country that has seen millions suffer from a lack of critical medication, food and supplies. Hilda Rubi, a health worker, pointed the finger solely at Maduro for the crisis. “He is the only one responsible for the complex humanitarian emergency that Venezuelans are experiencing,” she stated. On the other side of the city, pro-Maduro activists burned an effigy of President Trump,which symbolically held a puppet of Guaido in his arms. Supporters of Maduro have long argued that the political crisis facing the country was engineered by the United States, who are instrumentalising Guaido to gain influence in the region. The burning of Judas ceremony is a tradition in many Christian communities during Easter, which sees worshippers burn an effigy of the Biblical figure of Judas for his betrayal of Jesus Christ.

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