Thousands of cranes enjoy a quick Swedish stopover on their migration journey

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Every year between April and March up to 30,000 common European cranes flock to central Sweden on their journey north from Spain, as footage filmed in Hornborga lake on Tuesday shows.

Ake Abrahamsson, head of the local birdwatching club said this year has seen a record number of cranes on a single day, with a 27,000 recorded on 4 April.

He said that the cranes enjoy their annual stopover visit to Sweden on their way to Norway because “they are feeding, they need to get fat on them because they are moving north.”

The local municipality has been feeding the birds since the 1980s, to stop them from eating the crops of local farmers, causing the lake to become a famous spot for birdwatchers and tourists alike.

Jessica Bergstrand, the head of the local tourist office in Skovde said that during the 10 week visit of the birds each year they have “about 150 thousand visitors here during that time from all over Sweden, Denmark, Germany and also England.”

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