Superlative churches: Big, beautiful and unusual cathedrals

In honor of Easter Sunday, these are some of the world’s most impressive churches and cathedrals:

Seville Cathedral, Spain – This UNESCO World Heritage site in Spain is the largest Gothic cathedral or religious building in the world.
Ulm Minster, Germany – At 530 feet, this Lutheran church is the tallest cathedral on Earth.
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City – The most important church in Roman Catholicism is also its largest.
Milan Cathedral, Italy – The second largest cathedral features 135 spires.
Albi Cathedral, France – Looking for the largest brick cathedral? Head to Albi, France to see this UNESCO World Heritage site.
Sainte-Chapelle, France – This Parisian cathedral boasts the most impressive stained glass windows.
Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, Colombia – The world’s only underground Catholic church is built into a salt mine.
Cologne Cathedral, Germany – Two towering spires give this building the largest church façade in the world.
Sagrada Familia, Spain – Gaudí’s masterpiece in Barcelona will be the world’s tallest church upon its completion.
Compañía de Jesús, Ecuador – This church in Quito might just have more gold leaf than any other church out there.
Las Laras Sanctuary, Colombia – This cathedral is one of the few (if only) churches built on a bridge.
Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia – This church-turned-museum ranks among the world’s most colorful.

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