Russia: Moscow student convicted of attempt to join IS to be released on parole

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A court in Vologda on Tuesday ruled that Aleksandra Ivanova, also known as Varvara Karaulova, who was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for attempting to join Islamic State, be released on parole.

Karaulova was detained in Turkey while attempting to cross the border into Syria. Turkish police deported to Russia in June 2015 where she then faced terrorism-related criminal charges. She was sentenced on 22 December 2016. According to the prosecution, she was in touch with an IS recruiter. While in custody Ivanova changed her name.

Her father said “it’s really hard for me to believe” and that “Varvara will show everyone.”

Vologda Region human right ombudsman Oleg Dimoni said that the decision was “not only legal, but fair” and that he did not believe that the region’s prosecutor’s office would appeal against the decision.

She is expected to be released in around 10 days.

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