Russia: Lavrov holds press conference after Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held a press conference following the fifth Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum and discussions with Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit in Moscow on Tuesday.

“We are pleased by the gradual return of Syria back into the Arab family, the Arab league,” Lavrov said.

Talking about the situation between Israel and Palestine, Lavrov said “we both reject the well-known US recognition of the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory,” adding “we have confirmed that we are committed to the creation of an independent, viable and territorially unbroken Palestinian state in the safe and recognised borders of 1967.”

He also expressed support for Special Envoy of the Secretary-General Mr Salame who is attempting “to implement the road map he developed to normalise the situation in Libya.”

“I would like to mention that we discussed the necessity of strengthening our efforts on the final eradication of terrorism and extremist ideology in the region. We also discussed the tasks connected with securing peace and safety in the Persian Gulf,” Lavrov concluded.

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