Notre Dame sculptures which survived French Revolution showcased in Turin

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Four Notre Dame cathedral sculptures which survived the French Revolution devastation of 1790s were showcased at Turin’s Palazzo Madama palace, as footage filmed on Tuesday shows.

The statues, that were displayed as collaboration with the Cluny museum in Paris, would have been damaged in Tuesday fire in Notre Dame if they had still been there, according to curator of the exhibition, Simonetta Castronovo.

Castronovo added that “this lend is significant, and we thank the Cluny museum where all the 330 fragments found in 1977 were stored.”

“They can be seen up close, since the sculptures in the cathedrals are usually placed high up above the ground,” stressed Castronovo adding that special lightening helps the sculptures “to come to life and tell their own vicissitudes themselves.”

The exhibition will be open until September.

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