‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Actress Georgia Engel Dies At 70

Best known for her performances in the “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Georgia Engel’s comedic career spanned decades.

Mary Tyler Moore may have been the one who turned the world on with her smile, as Moore’s sitcom theme has it, but co-star Georgia Engel helped make sure viewers’ grins never faded into frowns.

Engel is best known for her role as soft-voiced Georgette Franklin, the sweet, ever-so-innocent girlfriend and later wife of self-important TV anchor Ted Baxter (Ted Knight) on one of the best sitcoms ever, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Younger viewers may know her as the mother-in-law of Brad Garrett’s Robert on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and she also appeared in recurring roles on “Coach,” the soap “Passions,” and, more recently, in “Hot in Cleveland,” which reunited her with “Moore” castmate and friend Betty White.

Engel died Friday at age 70 in Princeton, New Jersey, said John Quilty, identified as her friend and executor by the Associated Press. Quilty said the cause of death was not known because she was a Christian Scientist and did not visit doctors, according to AP.

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‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Actress Georgia Engel Dies At 70