Germany: Seehofer announces draft bill for detaining rejected asylum seekers

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German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced a draft bill on deportation and asylum policy, in Berlin on Wednesday, which would allow the option to detain a rejected asylum seeker until his deportation.

Seehofer explained that many rejected asylum seekers go into hiding after they’ve been ordered to leave the country, adding that this is the reason to attempt to simplify the possibilities for detention and incarceration.

“We will continue to develop the deportation detention, as well as the possibility of a short-term detention of a person who is obliged to leave the country, for up to ten days, to ensure the deportation,” said Seehofer.

The Interior Minister said that currently there were 480 detention centres for 240,000 people awaiting deportation, and that the intention is to raise the number to 1,000 centres.

“If I now just name Libya as a cause of migration and immigration, this example alone shows, how necessary an international ruling on this issue is,” he said.

“On many levels, we hit many international limitations during the consultation for this law, in regards to jurisprudence — EU directives, Convention of Refugees and so on. And that’s why we have to allocate the topic of European, common European asylum policy after the European election again.”

The draft bill is due to be voted on within the Bundestag in the following days.

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