Germany: Merkel opens largest wind farm in the Baltic Sea

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially opened the largest wind farm in the Baltic Sea on the island of Ruegen on Tuesday.

Named ‘Arkona,’ the offshore wind farm based in the town of Sassnitz, is a joint project between German energy company E.ON and its Norwegian counterpart Equinor and was reportedly built within 14 months.

“”These days, we all know and discuss the consequences of climate change, containing them and limiting them. And therefore we need a complete change of our overall energy system,” Merkel said. That is why the government has set out to implement the goal for all sectors until 2030, a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 55 percent compared to 1990.”

Some 60 turbines, enough to power some 400,000 homes, are housed on the farm which lies between Ruegen and the Swedish coast to the north.

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