France: PM Philippe announces bill to speed Notre Dame reconstruction

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The French government will push a bill to accelerate the reconstruction works of the fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, said French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe while talking to the press in Paris on Wednesday.

“This morning we published in the official gazette of the Republic a bill that I signed, alongside with the Minister of Public Action and Accounts and the Minister of Culture, which sets up assistance funds for the reconstruction and the conservation of Notre Dame of Paris” he stated.

He then added: “Since next week, we will present within the Council of Ministers a bill providing a legal framework for the national subscription launched by the President of the Republic. This bill will specify, above all, the guarantees of transparency and good management that we will keep in the management of donations.”

Philippe, who spoke after a special Cabinet meeting dedicated to Notre Dame, said that a measure will ensure that all donations will end up going to the renovation and conservation of the religious site, adding that the best artisans, architects and engineers of the country will be involved in the process.

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