[Bijani] James Harden on joining the #Dynamo: “It was time. I’m invested. This is my city and I’m here to stay. I know I need to bring a championship in basketball and I will. That’s coming very, very soon….I’m a part of this city and I’m here forever.” #Rockets

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JR Smith Free Agency Megathread

4/25/19: JR Smith on Instagram: “IT WILL BE 0 ALCOHOL AT MY HOUSE!” 6/7/19: [Rollins] New…

Hannibal asks Kevin Durant a question

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Kawhi Leonard Counter-Sued By Nike, Demand Injunction Against Him

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[Charania] JR Smith will have a free-agent meeting with the Bucks today in Milwaukee, league sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium. Bucks are searching for a wing shooter and both sides will have opportunity to sit down.

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The time when Lebron James downright sonned Jimmy Butler.

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Karl-Anthony Towns dominates Anthony Davis and the Pelicans on both ends of the floor during crunch time. Finishes with 27 points and 27 rebounds

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Luka “Wonderboy” Doncic kills the crowd with a buzzer beater against Portland

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Kobe saves Lamar’s manhood

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Bucks GM John Horst on Robin Lopez: “The staff thinks Robin can shoot. Robin thinks he can shoot. So, we’re going to find out”

From Eric Nehm’s interview with John Horst in The Athletic Wisconsin Full quote: Nehm: You already…