At a gallop – Arabian horses festival held in Damascus

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Horse riders in traditional dresses flooded the streets of Damascus, on Tuesday, as the International Festival for Arabian Horses kicked off in the Syrian capital, attracting people from all over the world.

Footage from Tuesday evening and Wednesday show the opening ceremony, featuring folk performances by Jullanar troupe, shows with Arabian horses and a screening of a film about Syria’s heritage and contemporary history.

The event will last until Saturday. Other than horse parades and shows, its programme will include horse racing and auctions as well as exhibitions of traditional handicrafts and food and various performances.

“I am French, I’m a horse rider, back in 1990 I did a horseback journey from Paris to Moscow. As a horse enthusiast, I know that Syria has the most beautiful Arabian horses. And I came to see their magnificent grace, after ten years of suffering. And I’m pleased to see that joy is being associated with horses once again as it always should,” said one of the international participants.

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