2018-19 r/nba Over/Unders Winners!

If you remember way back before the beginning of the season, you may recall we started an Overs/Unders contest.

It was promised a while ago, but as we come into the final stretch of Summer League, we figured you may want to see the results! So finally you can view your final standings here:,playerY,playerZ, just replace playerX(Y)(Z) with the usernames that you’d like to view.

You can also view a leaderboard of the top 20 predictors of the sub here!

The top 10 predictors will all get a special r/nba Contest winner award that awards 1 month of Reddit Premium as well as a year’s worth of bragging rights!

The scoring was set up as follows:

  • You get 5 points for each correct over/under pick, but you lose 5 points for each incorrect pick
  • You get an additional point for every win the team goes over or under the line correctly picked, but lose points if your pick is incorrect
  • For locks all points won and lost are doubled, so +10/-10 for each correct/incorrect pick and +2/-2 for each win over or under the line

u/MJSmooth, u/seksiitofu, u/Niteslade, u/sharklavapit, u/arthurgoodwin06, u/TorontosFinest20, u/LacticAcidRain, u/VeGanbarimasu, u/BeEyeEnGeOh, u/dfang97 please comment below to receive your award!

Congrats to all of our winners, and thanks to everyone who decided to participate!

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