🇮🇳 India elections: What’s at stake? | Al Jazeera English

India, home to the world’s biggest election. 1.3 billion people, 900 million eligible voters.

Voting lasts for more than a month and happens at more than a million polling stations. The scale of what’s happening is huge.

But why does it matter? What’s at stake? And who might be the next leader of one of the most important nuclear powers in the world?

India is a republic, that means everyone gets a vote.

It has a parliament. That means the political party that wins the most seats, picks a prime minister, who runs the country.

There are literally thousands of political parties, but to get a sense of who might be the next prime minister in 2019, we’ll be looking at the two front runners.

The current PM Narendra Modi’s party is the Bharatiya Janta Party or the BJP.

The guy with the best chance of pushing him out is the leader of the Indian National Congress or Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi.

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